The MP100-S system is the most portable system with a small manual XY stage and removable optical probe.
it is our most popular model while still being applicable for many of today's common and specific Industrial measurement needs
The MP100-ST system is the advanced version of our MP100-S system with a small manual XY stage, removable optical probe and transmisison module, which expands the capabilities to include Transmission measurements.
The MP100-ME Thin Film Thickness Measurement system uses a compact spectrometer with multiple gratings to achieve a wide spectrum range. The unique video display provides the operator with a more ergonomic view of the measurement area, thus eliminating tedious viewing through conventional microscope optics.
The MP100-ME-VIS-NIR Thin Film Measurement System comes standard with Near Infrared Spectrometer for specific extreme wavelength ranges. The MP100-ME-VIS-NIR provides the ability to measure within the wavelength range of 380 nm to 1700 nm for Reflection and Transmission measurements continuously with one scan.
The MP100-ME-WL combines the thin film thickness measurement capability of our MP100-ME Thin Film Measurement system with Scanning White Light Interference (SWLI) capabilities. Utilizing a Piezo Objective Lens control the system is capable of positioning the z-direction of the Mirau objective lens. And combined with image processing through a CCD camera enables a non-contact as well as non-destructive Surface Profiling method superior to the Alpha Step method for identifying the difference in thickness
Mission Peak Optics also offers Custom Made systems based on our standard systems and accessories that are designed to match the measurement needs of our customer.

We can manufacture a system that is tailor- made to your specifications.

The MP100-FPD Thin Film Thickness Measurement System comes standard with a Motorized X-Y Stage designed to be utilized in Flat Panel Display measurement applications. Mission Peak Optics Software included with this system can measure Color and Chromaticity values of mediums like LCD Screens.
The MP100-3D Thin Film Thickness Measurement System comes standard with a motorized X-Y Stage designed to generate a 3D Graph to show the Thickness Distribution along the measured sample.

Utilizing the 3D graphs, User can easily get the profile of the measurement surface and detect any defects.
The MP100-MB comes standard with an extra large 470 X370 mm X-Y Stage. This can support a variety of large surface area measurement applications, such as glass screens. Teflon surface layer on top its large stage allows low friction movement of the oversized measurement sample without scratching its surface.