The MP100-ME-VIS-NIR Thin Film Measurement System comes standard with a manual metalllurgical microscope, which is designed to fit your application needs.  The MP100-ME-VIS-NIR provides the ability to measure within the wavelength range of 380 nm to 1700 nm for Reflection and Transmission measurements continuously with one scan. 

System  measure  cell gap on LCD, polyemide on ITO, color filter CIE chromaticity, and color filter thickness.  MP100-ME-VIS-NIR is also able to measure Oxide, Nitride, Photoresist and Polysilicon films. The powerful software algorithms can perform single, double, and triple layer thickness calculations. As well as special search and fit routines that quickly converge the algorithm and variables in an accurate thickness measurement tool.

The MP100-ME-VIS-NIR USB spectrometer uses multiple gratings to achieve a wide spectrum range from UV to NIR. The spectrometer bridges the microscope to the notebook computer through a USB cable and Single Fiber Optic Cable. Detaching the Fiber Optic Cable from the microscope attachment can make the system compact and portable if necessary. The unique video display design of the microscope attachment provides the operator with an ergonomic view of the sample area thus eliminating tedious viewing through conventional microscope optics.

  • Laptop Computer
  • Ocean Optics Spectrometer, Visible to NIR
  • Ocean Optics NIR Spectrometer, increases wavelength range to 1700nm
  • 972RT Metallurgical Microscope
  • Microspot Attachment
  • Alternate Wavelength Range NIR Spectrometer
  • Customized Optical Fiber Cables (including UV-VIS Cables)
  • Desktop (Full Size, Small Form Factor, or All-in-One PC.)
  • Programmable XY Motorized Stage

  • Microspot Attachment
  • Ergonomic View Screen Camera
  • Transmission Measurement
  • Great Value
  • Versatile
  • High Measurement Repeatability
  • Measures within Expanded
    wavelength ranges
Scanning Range:
380nm to 1700nm

Spectrum Resolution:
Visible: 2 nm, NIR: 5 nm
0.3 nm
Measurement Speed:
5 seconds per Measurement

Measurement Spot Size:
50 Microns at 5X Magnification
25 Microns at 10X Magnification
12 Microns at 20X Magnification
7 Microns at 40X Magnification