The MP100-3D Thin Film Thickness Measurement System comes standard with a Motorized X-Y Stage designed to generate a 3D Graph to show the Thickness distribution along the measured sample. Using the Two Points De-Skew method it can move to the measurement spot quickly.

The MP100-3D provides state-of-the-art functions to measure variety of materials such as filled cell gap on LCD, polyimide on ITO, color filter CIE chromaticity, and color filter thickness. System also feature dual Mode Measurement capability using a Transmission Light Source.

The powerful software algorithms can perform single to five layers thickness calculations. Special search and fit routines quickly converge the algorithm and variables. Together these features make up an accurate thickness measurement tool.

Pattern recognition software focuses at the corner of the image, to ensure the target object is in focus. Then it performs the comparison between the pattern of the measuring site and pre-taught pattern to locate the target measurement location. The black square in the center of the view camera screen is the measurement spot. The pattern recognition software will then automatically place it at the correct location.

  • Laptop Computer
  • Ocean Optics Spectrometer, Visible to NIR
  • 972RT Metallurgical Microscope
  • Microspot Attachment
  • 4"X4" Programmable XY Motorized Stage
  • Pattern Recognition Module
  • Wide Wavelength Range Spectrometer
  • Customized Optical Fiber Cables (including UV-VIS Cables)
  • Desktop (Full Size, Small Form Factor, or All-in-One PC.)
  • Programmable XY Motorized Stage

  • Microspot Attachment
  • Ergonomic View Screen Camera
  • Great Value
  • Simple Operation
  • Versatile
  • Expandable
  • High Measurement Repeatability
  • Pattern Recognition
Scanning Range:
380nm to 950nm

Spectrum Resolution:
2 nm
0.2 nm
Measurement Speed:
2 seconds per Measurement

Measurement Spot Size:
50 Microns at 5X Magnification
25 Microns at 10X Magnification
12 Microns at 20X Magnification
7 Microns at 40X Magnification