The MP100-ME-WL combines the thin film thickness measurement capability of our MP100-ME Thin Film Measurement system with Scanning White Light Interference (SWLI) capabilities. Utilizing a Piezo Objective Lens control, the system is capable of positioning the z-direction of the Mirau objective lens. And combined with image processing through a CCD camera enables a non-contact as well as non-destructive Surface Profiling method superior to the Alpha Step method for identifying the difference in thickness.

The CCD camera connects directly via USB from our microspot attachment to the included computer. It is High Resolution and full color to accurately capture the SWLI images. The USB 2.0 technology quickly transfers this captured image from the camera to the computer. And the Piezo control moves the objective lens in small increments to capture all the Fringes created by the reflected images of the surface.

  • Laptop Computer
  • Ocean Optics Spectrometer, Visible to NIR
  • 972RT Metallurgical Microscope
  • Microspot Attachment
  • Programmable Z-axis Motorized Stage
  • White Light Interference Piezo Objective Lens Control
  • High Speed CCD Camera
  • Wide Wavelength Range Spectrometer
  • Customized Optical Fiber Cables (including UV-VIS Cables)
  • Desktop (Full Size, Small Form Factor, or All-in-One PC.)
  • Programmable XY Motorized Stage

  • Microspot Attachment
  • Scanning White Light Interference
  • Non-Destructive Surface Profilometer
  • Zero angle correction without using a
    vibration isolation table.
  • Single tool for measuring Transparent and Opaque films
  • Transmission Measurement
  • Great Value
  • Expandable
  • High Measurement Repeatability
Scanning Range:
380nm to 950nm

Spectrum Resolution:
2 nm
0.2 nm
Measurement Spot Size for White Light Interference:
5 Microns at 50X Magnification
25 Microns at 10X Magnification

Measurement Spot Size for Thickness Measurement:
50 microns at 5X Magnification