The MP100-S system is the most portable system with a small manual XY stage and removable optical probe. It is easier to carry and goes anywhere you wish.

A full-featured portable system at just around  $12,000.00, its an unbeatable value compared to any other similar Measurement System.

With its portability and value-pricing, it is our most popular model while still being applicable for many of today's common and specific Industrial measurement needs.
  • Laptop Computer
  • Ocean Optics Spectrometer, Visible to NIR
  • 6x4" Manual Stage
  • Adjustable Measurement Probe Attachment

  • Wide Wavelength Range Spectrometer
  • Customized Optical Fiber Cables (including UV-VIS Cables)
  • 8x8" Manual Stage
  • Desktop (Small Form or All-in-One PC)
  • Micro-Spot Probe Attachment

  • Ultra Portable
  • Great Value
  • Simple Operation
  • Versatile

Scanning Range:
380nm to 950nm

Spectrum Resolution:
2 nm
0.2 nm
Measurement Speed:
2 seconds per Measurement

Measurement Spot Size:
3 to 5 mm