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MP100-S Portable Thin Film Measurement System


Click for full-size picture of MP100-S Portable Thin Film Measurement System   Key Features:

     The MP100-S system comes standard with a portable spectrometer, an optical probe mounted on a manual X-Y stage, and a notebook computer installed with MPO Measurement software. At a price of around $12,000, it cannot be beat. Our program contains hundreds of pre-loaded film recipes with the ability to create and edit new ones. The MP100-S measures Oxide, Nitride, Photoresist, Polysilicon, CIE chromaticity, cell gap, color filter, and polyimide/ITO Thickness. The portability of this compact system allows you to place the probe directly into the Measurement site.

    The MP100-S probe can be detached from the stage and handClick for full-size Block Diagram of MP100-S Portable Thin Film Measurement System held to access hard to reach areas. Applications include the reflectivity of a surface, textile color of a material, liquid concentration and material inspection all with real-time spectral analysis. The probe can be configured for a working distance of ˝ to 6 inches with a varying measurement spot size.

    The MP100-S positioning mechanism is set by a frictional X-Y stage. With it, a sample position can be located quickly. And once the selected sampling position has been reached, measurements can then be taken precisely and accurately without the X-Y stage drifting.

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